Eastern Busway News

Petition Results

The Eastern Busway petition has been an overwhelming success with the community making their voice heard loud and clear. With over 1200 signatures the message to the State Government is that it’s time deliver the Eastern Busway.

The petition was presented to Parliament on 14 July 2015. The petition received signatures from throughout Redland City, Brisbane City and Queensland-wide. It was quite clear that there was widespread community support for the project. 

The expectation now is that the Busway be delivered as promised. I intend to hold this Labor State Government to account in delivering this vital piece of transport infrastructure to our City. 

BUDGET UPDATE: The Labor Government have NOT allocated any funding for the Eastern Busway in the 2015/16 Budget and in any forward estimates. 

Busway Petition 

With the daily commute becoming more and more hectic, it is time to see action on the Eastern Busway.

Mark Robinson MP & Brisbane City Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner (Chandler Ward) are petitioning the Queensland Parliament to seek a commitment to deliver the Eastern Busway. 

The petition draws to the attention of the House the urgent need for the Eastern Busway Project to be completed in order to:

  • Cater for current and future population growth
  • Address worsening daily traffic congestion
  • Provide commuters with ease of access to efficient and reliable public transport, and to reduce the ever-increasing number of cars on the road.

The petition requests the parliament to prioritise the finalisation of the Eastern Busway Project to Redland City, and to ensure that this important, long-awaited infrastructure receives the highest consideration for funding on both the State and Federal Government agendas.

Please sign and share with your friends and family.