Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson, today demanded that the Palaszczuk Government include the "Dunwich Harbour Development" in the project list for its Economic Transition Strategy (ETS) as without it the island is doomed.

"The Government's $20 Million for an 'Economic Transition Strategy ' is a poultry sum that will go nowhere in the actual transition of North Stradbroke Island from sandmining to tourism," Dr Robinson said.

"The LNP's motion at Parliament means that the Finance and Administration Committee will now interrogate Labor's ETS - is $20 Million enough, what was the rationale behind the projects selected and whether other projects are needed."

"It is my strong view, shared by many island residents*, that a major upgrade of Dunwich Harbour is required, and needs to be fast-tracked if the Government closes the mine prematurely."

"The Government's ETS will not propel any economic transition to a tourism-centred economy without a major upgrade of Dunwich Harbour. Without a redevelopment, this gateway to the island's future economy will instead become a bottle-neck that will suffocate the life out of the island."

"For tourism to grow, what is needed to be started on immediately at Dunwich is better passenger facilities, including improved pontoons, more parking, mixed commercial area with a tourism centre, cafes and restaurants, among other features."

"So, today I am calling on the Government to consider a $50 million development of Dunwich Harbour into a world-class tourism and ferry hub, and to provide to the Parliamentary Committee all information and costs so that the Committee can make an informed recommendation to the Parliament in its report."

"The bottom line is that without the development of Dunwich Harbour, the Government's ETS will achieve very little."


Media Contact: Cleveland Electoral Office 3446 9100

* Based on my own survey of residents about Infrastructure Priorities.