Robinson & Schrinner launch Eastern Busway petition

Mark Robinson, Member for Cleveland, and Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane City Deputy Mayor (Chandler Ward) are petitioning the Queensland Parliament for a commitment to deliver the Eastern Busway to Redland City. 

The petition calls for urgent action for the Eastern Busway Project to be completed in order to:

·         Cater for current and future population growth

·         Address worsening daily traffic congestion

·         Provide commuters with ease of access to efficient and reliable public transport, and to reduce the ever increasing number of cars on the road.

The petition calls upon the Palaszczuk-Gordon Labor Government to prioritise the finalisation of the Eastern Busway Project to Redland City.

“It is essential that as a community we don’t let the Eastern Busway simply drift off into obscurity in the minds of the State Government.” said Dr Robinson.

“The Eastern Busway is a piece of infrastructure that is critical to the future of Redland City” said Dr Robinson

“With the main arterials out of Redland City already under significant strain, the Eastern Busway would provide an efficient and sensible alternative for commuters looking to make the trip into Brisbane” said Dr Robinson

“Since my election in 2009 I have continually lobbied on behalf of the people of Cleveland and Redland City for the Busway to be built” Dr Robinson said.

“It was the State Labor Government that put the Eastern Busway on life support when they removed the 2025 completion date, then Federal Labor pulled the plug when they rejected the LNP Government’s requests for funding in 2012/13,” Dr Robinson said.

“This long-awaited infrastructure needs to receive the highest consideration for funding on both the State and Federal Government agendas” Cr Schrinner said.

“Under the former Labor Government the Eastern Busway was nothing but a pipe dream that continually got pushed further and further back” Cr Schrinner said.

“Brisbane City Council is calling on the State Government to resolve the deteriorating traffic situation along Old Cleveland Rd” Cr Schrinner said.

“It is simply not good enough for the State Government to stick its head in the sand and provide no viable plan to tackle congestion and growth for our side of town” said Cr Schrinner

"The official parliamentary petition follows a petition on the same issue that has attract more than 1,000 signatures." said Cr Schrinner

With the daily commute becoming more and more hectic, it is time to see a commitment to the Eastern Busway project that will benefit both Brisbane and the Redlands.

Queensland parliament petition:


[ENDS] 15 May 2015

Media Contact: Mark Neville 3286 2726