Wednesday, 8 June 2016

As the Queensland Budget fast approaches, Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson calls on the Palaszczuk Government to lift the infrastructure freeze on major projects to Redland City and to invest in roads, education, health and tourism.

"Since Labor formed minority Government in Queensland almost 1 1/2 years ago, Cleveland has been out in the cold with Labor's infrastructure freeze on major projects in health, education, transport and roads, among other things," Dr Robinson said.

"For almost 18 months, Labor in Government have stopped investing in major projects in Cleveland."

"For too long now, nothing major has been invested in Cleveland schools, nothing on upgrading the Redlands Hospital, and nothing on public transport and main roads."

"Further, with Labor's early closure of mining on North Stradbroke Island, hundreds of jobs are being put at risk on the island and across Redland City."

Dr Robinson called on the Treasurer to return to Cleveland residents their taxes in the form of a fair share of major projects and other infrastructure and services.

"A fair budget should deliver major projects and other announcements in the areas of education, health, roads and transport and tourism, among other areas," he said.

"If Labor truly care about education and schools, then Cleveland High School will receive news of funding for the indoor sports auditorium that it has needed for more than a decade."

"If Labor truly care about health, then Redland Hospital will receive news of funding towards extra beds, or a major new unit like the intensive care unit."

"If Labor truly care about fixing congestion on main roads, then funding will be announced for major arterial roads that are important to Redland City commuters like Cleveland-Redland Bay Road or Rickertt Road; or other roads projects like signalising the intersection of Shore and Wellington Streets."

"If Labor really care about the residents of North Stradbroke Island, the economic transitional strategy will receive a major injection of additional funding and a major rethink."

"Dunwich Harbour redevelopment will be the first major project announced, not just the current feasibility study for a PPP proposition, but a $50 million major project, so that the gateway to Straddie's tourism future will not become a strangling bottleneck."


Media contact: Cleveland Electorate Office 3446 9100