Labor Re-announces Cheap & Nasty Plan for Straddie Transition to Nowhere

Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson, today expressed disappointment in Labor's re-announced underfunded and underwhelming plan for North Stradbroke Island. 

"This asleep-at-the-wheel Labor Government today restated it's sketchy plan for North Stradbroke Island after forcing through unpopular laws that sacks 150 workers and puts at risk another 150 jobs," Dr Robinson said.

"We are half way through the current Parliament and we still don't have an adequate plan for the economic transition of Straddie to a tourism centred economy."

"Instead of announcing major infrastructure projects that will create sustainable jobs, like funding the redevelopment of Dunwich Harbour, the gateway to tourism, the Government has focussed on things like an 'environmentally-friendly golf course', whatever that means."

"While some of the individual projects are worthy of funding, they are not enough to save the economy and job losses."

"Labor's short-term 'sugar-hit' (only one lump, not two) will not plug the gap that mining will leave behind, and I again call on the Government to adequately fund the economic transition.

"Now that Labor have had their fun with this plan that could only be described as a sick joke, I call on them to treat the people and families seriously so that we don't end up with another Labor recession that we never had to have."


Mark Robinson MP

LNP Member for Cleveland