Labor's Rail Fail Hits Cleveland Hard

MEDIA RELEASE 19 April 2017
Mark Robinson MP
Member for Cleveland

Member for Cleveland, Dr Mark Robinson said that LNP questioning in Parliament, including specific Questions that he had put to the Minister, reveal the deep impact of recent rail service cuts to the Cleveland line.

"The Palaszczuk Government's own data shows that Redland City commuters on the Cleveland line have been hit hard by savage cuts to services," Dr Robinson said.

"The evidence shows that Labor's cuts to Cleveland services were the deepest across the entire Southeast rail network, with the exception of only the Caboolture line."

"The Cleveland line scored second last out of 12 rail lines, meaning Labor has shamefully deserted the public transport users of Cleveland." 

"The cuts to the number of services on the Cleveland line because the Government forgot to plan for train drivers, has been followed up by cuts to express services at peak times, and even more cuts and poor connections with buses over Easter. 

"It is unacceptable that when families were trying to enjoy the Easter break and spend time together, that they instead risked being left at the station waiting for the infrequent trains with poor connections.

"Instead of addressing the problem of no drivers that was first identified when Jackie Trad was Transport Minister, the Government chose to ignore the warnings and did nothing.

Dr Robinson said that he has called on the Transport Minister to restore all the Cleveland line services that Labor cut, starting with the well-patronised and very popular afternoon peak express service from the city.


Mark Robinson’s Questions on Notice:


MEDIA STATEMENT: Labor's Rail Fail

“It's clear Labor’s Rail Fail is here to stay.

“Jackie Trad needs to be open and accountable with commuters about the extent of Labor’s rail fail, instead of hiding the total numbers from them.

 “Each month 1800 services have been cut from the timetable because of an inexperienced government controlled by unions.

 “We've seen the disgraceful timetable over the Easter holidays. This long weekend, when families are trying to enjoy the break and spend time together, face being left at the station waiting for one train an hour - or one every two hours if you wanted to visit the Sunshine Coast.

 “There's still two more years of the Rail Fail cuts and cancellations to go. It's time Labor stood up for Queensland passengers, not its union mates.”


 Appendix 1 shows the percentage of Queensland Rail services which were cancelled over the period 17 October, 2016 to 28 February, 2017.

 These percentages are broken down by each rail line.

 Source: Queensland Government 2016-2017 (obtained from Questions on Notice)