LNP Toondah Project Passes Another Hurdle, After 5 months Labor Wait

19th June, 2015

 Mark Robinson MP

 LNP Member for Cleveland


 Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson today expressed relief that after almost five long months of waiting, the Labor Government finally announced that Toondah Harbour would not be scrapped.

 “For almost five long months, locals have asked me what was going to happen to Toondah Harbour, given that Labor had already shelved $8 billion of projects and 6000 jobs in just one week,” Dr Robinson said.

 “Small businesses and tradies from all over Redland City put off making investment decisions wondering if the new Labor Government would commit to this $1.3 billion LNP project and create the 1000 jobs per year Toondah will generate.

 “The detailed Toondah Project plan that I saw in December 2014 has been sitting on Government ministers’ desks for five months gathering dust, alongside many other LNP projects caught up in Labor’s backlog.

“Given that the plans were near complete in December 2014, under this Labor Government, progress has been at a snail’s pace, and it is uncertain that the Government is guaranteeing that plan has definitely been endorsed.”

 Dr Robinson welcomed the belated news that the project will still go ahead, and hoped the project, now well behind its schedule of April public notification of the plan, might be able to get back on track.

 “It is still good news considering that for last almost 30 years Labor Governments could not agree on a plan with Redland Council and didn’t create the legal instruments to make it happen

 “Infighting between Labor ministers also prevented progress.

 “Since 1989, Labor sat on its hands, allowing Third World facilities and watching ferries get stuck at low tides due to lack of dredging.

 “Labor would never have built it with their massive bureaucracies under DERM and DEEDI.

 “It took the LNP and former Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney to provide the legislation for a streamlined planning process that brought Toondah Harbour to fruition.

“The constructive working relationship between the LNP Government and Redland City Council, plus the LNP’s EDQ legislation that created PDAs, is what ultimately made Toondah possible.”


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