With the release of the damning Report of the Parliamentary Finance & Administration Committee which found no support for Labor’s Laws to prematurely end sandmining on North Stradbroke Island, State Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson today called on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to do the right thing and to end the uncertainty by withdrawing Labor’s job-destroying Bill.

“It is time for the Premier to show some compassion and to do the right thing by the over 2000 people who live on North Stradbroke Island by withdrawing Labor’s job-destroying Bill from the Queensland Parliament, now that the bipartisan Committee could not find in favour of passing the legislation,” Dr Robinson said.

“This farcical and politically motivated inner city Greens campaign to sack hundreds of blue-collar sandminers and other workers must now come to an end, now that the Committee has not found in support of the Labor and KAP Bills.”

“Recommendation 1 of the Committee Report was that the KAP Bill should definitely ‘not be passed’ – ‘the committee recommends that the North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability (Renewal of Mining Leases) Amendment Bill 2015 (the Private Member’s Bill) not be passed’. (P.x Report)

“But more critically the Committee made no Recommendation in favour of passing Labor’s Bill: in other words after all of the public hearings and submissions, this bipartisan Committee of Labor and LNP MPs could not recommend that Labor’s Laws be passed.”

The Committee found out the truth that the community was not consulted about the decision to prematurely close mining, neither in 2011 nor in January 2015, and that many residents oppose the Government’s job-destroying decision as 2019 does not allow sufficient time to transition the economy and jobs.

“The Australian Workers Union, Queensland Resources Council, Sibelco, the Straddie Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, among other groups expressed a view that consultation undertaken by the government was found to be ‘tokenistic’, ‘disingenuous’ and designed to ‘inform, not consult’,” Dr Robinson said. (P.6 Report)

“How can Labor deliberately plan to sack hundreds of miners and other workers and then claim that they are creating employment and jobs growth.”

“The Committee heard from Quandamooka Traditional Owners who claim that the current laws brought in by the LNP Government are legal and protect their land rights and jobs, and that Labor’s Bill may cause aboriginal injustice by denying them their Native Title rights and employment.

“The Committee also heard that the Government’s Economic Transition Strategy is woefully inadequate and that it will do little to assist long-term job creation and the long-term transition of the economy from sandmining to tourism.”

“Further, contrary to the Government’s view, the Committee heard that neither tourism nor Toondah Harbour will plug the gaping hole left by the job losses in the short-term.”

“With no Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) ever being undertaken by the Government on the Bills, it is flying blind when it comes to the extent of the impacts of the Bills, and so should abandon its destructive plans immediately.”



Media Contact: Mark Robinson 3446 9100