Tourism Innovation Needed to Fill Labor Job Cuts on Straddie

MEDIA RELEASE:  11 June 2017
Jon Krause MP
Shadow Minister for Tourism, Sport and Racing
Mark Robinson MP
Member for Cleveland

Mark Robinson MP - Member for Cleveland and jon KRAUSE - Shadow Minister tourism, Sport and Racing on north Stradbroke Island  

Mark Robinson MP - Member for Cleveland and jon KRAUSE - Shadow Minister tourism, Sport and Racing on north Stradbroke Island 

Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson has welcomed a visit from Shadow Tourism Minister Jon Krause, to see first-hand the difficulties facing North Stradbroke Island's economy with Labor's rushed end to sand mining.

"Annastacia Palaszczuk has failed to come to Straddie and explain to more than 2000 locals why the Labor Government is prematurely shutting down the mine and sacking the workers, and it has been refreshing to have LNP Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls, and now Shadow Tourism Minister Jon Krause visit Straddie," Dr Robinson said.

"Having two senior LNP members visit clearly shows that there is deep concern about Labor's job cuts and their impact on young people and families.

"Meetings with island tourism operators and small businesses revealed how deeply Labor's cuts are hurting workers, businesses and tourism on the island.

"Labor's "Economic Transition Strategy" is cheap and nasty, and is simply too little too late.

"Only a substantial increase in funding in the State Budget to build critical infrastructure projects - like the Dunwich Harbour Redevelopment, riding trails, whale watching platforms, among others will save the island residents from a Labor recession."

LNP Shadow Tourism Minister Jon Krause said it was an informative visit to North Stradbroke Island to gain firsthand experience of the situation on the ground and to listen to the concerns of local tourism operators.

"It is clear that this 'do-nothing' Labor government has no plan to create jobs and stabilise the local economy which is clearly struggling due to their decision to sack local miners," Mr Krause said.

"Local businesses and tourism operators want to see concrete investment into critical job-creating infrastructure on Straddie, but they're getting nothing from Annastacia Palaszczuk.

"One of the things we are considering, as part of the LNP's plan is providing free WI-FI to tourism hotspots, which would be available for Straddie.

"Point Lookout would be one such site which could be ideal for a WIFI hub, and local businesses have expressed interest in working with us to provide such a service in an innovative way.

"North Stradbroke Island has been placed in a precarious situation due to Labor's ineptness, and only an LNP Government will work to Build a Better Queensland with innovative solutions to tourism."


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