Locals Launch Petition for Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd Upgrade

1st October, 2015

Mark Robinson MP

LNP Member for Cleveland


Locals Launch Petition for Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd Upgrade


Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson, recently met with Cleveland local John Wilson to sponsor a petition calling on the Queensland Government to duplicate the remaining single lane sections of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road.

“It is my pleasure to work with residents like John Wilson of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, to keep before the State Government the need to upgrade this road to provide relief to the daily traffic congestion, as well as providing increased safety for residents turning into their driveways,” Dr Robinson said.

“Local residents are reporting more congestion and accidents on the single lane sections as they turn into their driveways, so something must be done soon.

“It is important to keep highlighting this project before the State Government, particularly considering the Minister for Roads, Mark Bailey, did not even know that the road existed after many months of being in the job.*

“I challenge the Minister to come out from hiding and tell the people of Cleveland if any roads in the Redlands are prioritised for upgrading in the current budget as there is no evidence of anything except an ‘infrastructure freeze’.

“I ask every Redland City resident to sign the online petition at the Queensland Parliament website and, in so doing, to join John and I in the campaign to have this road upgraded so that Cleveland and the broader Redland City doesn’t grind to a halt in peak times in the next few years.

“The Petition says - Residents of the State of Queensland draw to the attention of the House the urgent need for the upgrade and duplication of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, Thornlands between South Street and Beveridge Road with a priority being extended to the Dinwoodie-Beveridge Road section. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to ensure that this vital roadway is upgraded as a matter of urgency.”



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