Health Handover Report Card

I am proud of what was achieved in Health. We inherited a dysfunctional system that didn’t pay the nurses, was highly centralised and had thousands of Queenslanders on waiting lists for waiting lists.

During the LNP’s time in government we were able to significantly reduce waiting lists at Redland Hospital. At Redland Hospital the LNP improved surgery times for Category 1 and 2 surgery waiting lists. The local dental waiting list was reduced from 10,859 to zero. Further, under the LNP Government a 12% increase in overall patient treatment was achieved.

At Redland Hospital the LNP Government funded a new designated Palliative Care Service, the very first based at Redland Hospital. We also built and opened the new Emergency Department, including a Paediatric Section and 10 new short-stay beds.

The LNP Government was also poised to deliver an Australian first surgery waiting list guarantee, but the Labor Government cut the funding.