New Moreton Bay Artificial Reef

Recreational fishers will have a new place to drop their lines, with the creation of the former LNP Government commissioned 20 hectare Turner artificial reef off Scarborough in the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

The reef is being built at Scarborough about 1km offshore and will attract fishers and divers from throughout the region.

The project was an important part of the LNP Government’s plan to establish more artificial reefs in the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

 “The LNP Government has delivered on sustainable recreational fishing by taking pressure off existing natural reefs, creating more reefs in the Bay and helping replenish our fish stocks,”

Dr Robinson said the addition to the artificial reef was good for the marine environment and creates new reef ecosystems to help support the broader marine life in Moreton Bay.

“The LNP is providing a better fishing experience for Mum & Dad anglers in an environmentally responsible way,” Dr Robinson said.

“We are excited to give the 350,000 recreational anglers in Southeast Queensland this new opportunity to wet a line, and to provide an economic boost to local tourism and small businesses.”

Dr Robinson said the reef has been named after the popular former Sunfish Moreton Branch chairman Bill Turner.

“The creation of Turner Reef comes on top of the barge sunk at Harry Atkinson Reef and reef balls added to West Peel and Coochie reefs.”

“I would like to encourage the State Government to continue to build new artificial reefs in Moreton Bay as a value-adding measure, rather than using their previous approach in which they gave rec fishers artificial reefs with one hand, but took fishing areas away as lock-out zones with the other hand.”

“I also call on the Government to return the funding they axed from the LNP Government’s final budget for a new artificial reef off Wellington Point.”