Robinson invites Premier to Straddie to ‘listen’ to concerns

Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson has today taken the step of inviting the Premier to come and listen, just like she has in other parts of Queensland, to the concerns of Straddie residents.

“I invite the Premier to come and visit the Dunwich Community Hall so that she can outline her Government’s plan, and listen to the community’s concerns.”

The lack of consultation by the Government in it’s decision to ‘Shut Straddie Down’ by 2019 has caused an outcry on North Stradbroke Island. Since the announcement the response has been extensive and extremely vocal.
“On facebook the ‘Don’t Shut Straddie Down’ post has been my most popular post to date with over 220,000 hits reached, 1,200 likes and 2,660 shares.”
“It is quite clear that the decision to Shut Straddie Down has not only hit a chord with island residents, but with people right across the State.”
Following the announcement, a heartfelt petition has been launched by locals asking the Premier to reconsider.
“The Australian Workers Union, the Island Chamber of Commerce and local residents were not informed of the Government’s plan to end sand mining on the Island without an adequate timeframe for transition.
“The fanciful notion that somehow the jobs being created with the Toondah Harbour project will offset the job losses on Straddie just doesn’t stack up.
“The timeframes don’t equate and the skill set differences between mining and construction have obviously not been taken into consideration.
“Are we somehow expecting systems operators in the mine to have completed trade apprenticeships in a couple years so they can work as a chippie at Toondah? Give me a break.”

"The botched roll out of the Green political agenda of inner city Ministers Steven Miles and Jackie Trad, has placed the future of Straddie residents’ jobs, livelihoods and communities at stake, , so the Premier must now intervene.”