Cleveland Station Redevelopment

After careful consideration Dr Mark Robinson has decided to withdraw his support for the proposed Cleveland Station Redevelopment in its latest format. 

The plan that Dr Robinson supported when in Government had more car parking, a better mix of commercial: residential use and had significant community support. 

The changes to the plan have concerned him for some time and has come to the conclusion that the current plan is not the right one for those who live nearby, those who use the train station and not optimal to that site.

In State Parliament last week Dr Robinson announced his intention to withdraw his support. He hopes that in some way it may cause the Government to review the unacceptable aspects of the redevelopment and listen to local concerns

Dr Robinson's announcement does not mean that the development will be stopped as it is the current Labor State Government who has allowed the changes and supported these decisions. 

Dr Robinson's recent attempts to call on the State Government for change have sadly fallen on deaf ears. The answers that he has received to his representations on your behalf have not been satisfactory. 

Speech by Dr Mark Robinson MP in Qld Parliament

Excerpt from Hansard 18/08/2016

I turn now to public transport car parking. The Cleveland station redevelopment and related commuter car-parking issues at that station and at Birkdale station are important matters for locals. It would appear that the government has no immediate plans to increase parking at Birkdale station, despite a project to do so having been on the drawing board for many years.

The car parks were promised and there was a community expectation. However, it has gone mysteriously quiet. Frustrated commuters complain that there is never enough parking at Cleveland station.

At a time when governments are encouraging the use of public transport, it has to be questioned why appropriate facilities are not being made available.

The redevelopment of Cleveland station should have brought much extra commuter parking—that was the original plan—but the very low number has created angst amongst residents who live in the immediate vicinity and those who utilise the station for their daily commute.

My consultations with the community have revealed high levels of objection to this development among nearby residents. Body corporates around the area are very unhappy and object to it in its current form, particularly around the parking.

The missing car parks have been found. Instead of them being at Cleveland and Birkdale stations, they have now been given to the neighbouring Labor electorate of Capalaba, at the Thorneside Railway Station. In June this year, Thorneside station received a commitment of funds for an additional 44 car parks.

This deliberate switch is nothing less than Labor pork-barrelling and a raid on Cleveland car parks. It is a broken promise, leaving an increase of only 17 commuter car parks for Cleveland station. Tonight I announce that I am withdrawing my support for the redevelopment of Cleveland station in its present form due to the low car park numbers and development change of use. I call on the government to urgently review the situation.