Media Release: Labor Fails Redland Community on Emergency Health Care

MEDIA RELEASE: 11 October 2017
Mark Robinson MP
LNP Member for Cleveland

Queensland Health data exposes the truth that the Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed to provide for the health needs of the growing and ageing Redland City community, Dr Robinson said.

“Under questioning in the Queensland Parliament, Health Minister Cameron Dick recently admitted that patients are waiting too long to be treated at the Emergency Department at Redland Hospital,” Dr Robinson said.*

“Waiting times at Redland Hospital ED have blown out since Labor came to power in Queensland.”

“More than 1 in 4 patients with a Category 2 emergency, just below immediately life threatening, and more than 1 in 3 patients of all emergency categories were not seen to and treated within the ‘nationally accepted reportable benchmark’.”

The doctors, nurses and staff do an incredible job serving the community with the resources they’re given, but they and the Redland community are being let down by this Do-Nothing Labor Government.

“It’s a real concern when more than 35% of patients who visit a Hospital Emergency Department aren’t receiving the timely care they need.

“Labor’s neglect of the Redland Hospital has also meant no Intensive Care Unit or additional carparking to help ease the parking gridlock.

Alarmingly, it was also revealed in an answer to a further question from Dr Robinson that the Queensland Ambulance Service does not record details of ambulance transport diversions.

“We know that this measure has been occurring in recent times with patients being transported to city hospitals because Redland Hospital could not accept them.”

“Why is Labor hiding the facts about ambulance bypassing from the local community?” #

“I am thankful that LNP Leader, Tim Nicholls and Shadow Minister for Health, John-Paul Langbroek care enough about the problems at Redland Hospital that they have visited to gain first-hand experience of the extent of Labor’s failure,” Dr Robinson said.

“I call on the Health Minister to visit the hospital with me to familiarise himself with the problems he has created and to come prepared to do something about it.”


* QON No. 1428 6 September 2017

# QON No. 1362 5 September 2017