Media Release: Locals demand answers on Water Increases

Local businesses and residents are up in arms about the proposed water price hikes.

Member for Oodgeroo, Dr Mark Robinson said that the cost of living and the cost of doing business is becoming unsustainable for many Redlanders.

The Queensland Competition Authority’s Final Report from SEQ bulk water prices has recommended a price increase of over 9% or $88  more over three years for Redlands residents.

“This price hike makes our water increases the largest in South East Queensland,” Dr Robinson said.

“Labor are the enemy of small business and all those struggling to pay their bills.”

“On the Gold Coast trading should be buoyant for small businesses, but Labor’s poor planning and a careless attitude toward small businesses has wreaked havoc.”

“Likewise Redlands businesses will suffer further from Labor’s mistakes, with the latest price hike to water bills.” 

“This is just another example of State Labor’s mismanagement of the economy, with rising unemployment and debt, and no answers to ease the cost of living pressures of everyday Queenslanders.”

“Businesses have to make ends meet to survive, so they have to pass on the higher costs to consumers as higher prices for goods and services or reduce their staffing resulting in job losses. They cannot just go out and borrow more money as Labor Governments do!” 

Deputy LNP Leader and Shadow Treasurer, Tim Mander said that “Despite promises from Labor that water bills would not increase, South East Queenslanders are facing massive water price increases.” 

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is treating Redlanders like fools.”