Media Release: Redlands Transport Infrastructure in Crisis

Labor’s grand promises on public transport are just more empty promises while-ever the State Government’s transport infrastructure freeze on the Redlands continues and Redland commuters are waiting for train services, the rail duplication and the Eastern Busway.

“Redlanders see right through Labor’s latest hollow promises of big public Transport infrastructure projects because they have heard it all before,”Dr Robinson said.

“Labor Governments in Queensland over the last 30 years have failed to deliver to the Redlands both the promised Eastern Busway and Cleveland Line rail duplication, so any new promises are empty words.

“Labor promised many times to build the Eastern Busway to the Redlands by 2026 and have failed to honour their commitment, despite having the power to deliver it while in State Government for over 80% of the last thirty years.

“In 2011, Labor stated that they would even go it alone and that the State Government would fully fund the Eastern Busway to the Redlands by 2026, even if Federal funding wasn’t available. 

“In (August) 2011 Premier Anna Bligh, with (then) Transport Minister Anastacia Palaszczuk standing by her side at Coorparoo, promised the people of Queensland that they would build it, with or without anyone else’s help. 

“When the LNP came to power in 2012, we found that there was no funding set aside for the Busway, the Busway cupboard was bare. It was another hollow and unfunded Labor promise. 

“The bare Busway cupboard resulted in the LNP Government appealing to the Federal Labor Government for funding, but the request was rejected.

“In effect, State and Federal Labor Governments killed off the Eastern Busway by their failure to plan and to commit the necessary funds to the project. Without the needed funding, the LNP developed the Transitway strategy.

“Labor killed off the Eastern Busway and cannot be trusted with any new promises to build anything. I remain open, however, to new opportunities for the LNP Federal Government, State Opposition and Greater Brisbane City Councils to work together with the possible extension of the LNP’s Brisbane Metro.

With regard to rail, Redlanders have learned to judge Labor by what they haven’t done over the last 30 years, not by what they say they will do.

“Labor have many times promised to duplicate the Cleveland Line on the single track sections from Manly to Cleveland, a project that would improve public transport services to Redlanders,” Dr Robinson said.

“The latest promise was made in the 2012 Queensland election, when Jo Briskey, the Labor candidate for Cleveland (now coincidently the Labor candidate for Bonner, a seat that is serviced by the same rail line), promised that a Labor Government would deliver the rail duplication from Manly to Cleveland. Two Labor Governments later and still nothing is even on the horizon with the rail duplication.

“Redlands is still recovering from Labor’s Rail Fail, in which more than 40 train services were cut from the Cleveland Line. While Transport Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe was sacked for this failure, the services are still not restored. 

“How can Redlanders have any faith in Labor to deliver their $15 Billion grossly unfunded Cross-River Rail Project, when they haven’t honoured the more affordable Cleveland Line Rail Duplication, nor even restored the more than 40 train services they cut?

“And the revelation that the Palaszczuk Government has hired few new train drivers and not a single one outside of the Union’s control means that Transport Minister Mark Bailey misled the public when he recently claimed that the driver recruitment was on track. 

“The stalled train driver recruitment means the Unions are running Queensland again with their closed-shop practices, that Redlanders will be waiting longer for the more than 40 cut services to be restored, and that surely another Rail Fail Transport Minister must go.

With the litany of public transport failures, anything Labor says to Redlands residents simply cannot be trusted.