Media Release: Labor’s Bad Trad Budget hits record low for Redlands

State Member for Oodgeroo, Mark Robinson said Treasurer Trad’s unfair and bad news budget that fails to deliver for the Redlands was easily trumped by other good news elsewhere in what was an otherwise historic week.

“The State Budget Trad-gedy started badly with an epic fail to recognise Redland City as a distinct region of approximately 150,000 people, with Labor failing to provide a separate “Regional Action Plan” (mini-budget) for the Redlands as they promised to do,” Dr Robinson said.

“Labor matched the LNP’s commitment to present Redlands as a distinct budget region with its own budget plan, as is the case for every other major region in Queensland, like Logan and Ipswich. Instead, Labor have broken their promise and lumped Redlands in with Brisbane, a measure that has hidden their failure to deliver on big ticket infrastructure items. 

“Labor’s budget Trad-gedy discriminates against the people of the Redlands, extends Labor’s major infrastructure freeze to a record seven years, and saddles the next generations of Redlanders with a crippling record high $83 Billion debt.

“Labor’s budget Trad-gedy means record low levels of infrastructure investment in the Redlands, with no big ticket items like road duplication, rail duplication, busway, hospital upgrade, nothing major.

“Sadly, when it comes to big ticket items of infrastructure, Labor’s budget Trad-gedy only offers pie-in-the-sky unfunded infrastructure that will bring no relief soon to the daily road traffic congestion that Redlanders suffer.

“Labor’s budget Trad-gedy means a record five new taxes that every Redlander will pay in some way, record high costs of water, power and car registration, as well as unsustainable record levels of debt (climbing to $83 Billion).

If Labor plans to spend $45 Billion in infrastructure over four years, then Redlands as a city of about 150,000 people and 4 State seats would expect to receive up to $1.5 Billion in big ticket items if this was a fair budget. 

“Labor’s budget Trad-gedy sets a record for discrimination, as it robs Redlanders of their fare share (calculated at up to $1.5 Billion) of big ticket infrastructure simply because they don’t live close to the Treasurer’s seat, where a big chunk of the infrastructure budget will be spent to prop her up.

“If Redlands got its fair share, big ticket transport projects like the Cleveland Line Rail Duplication, even in a staged approach, would be of immediate benefit to Redland commuters, instead of waiting forever for bigger unfunded rail projects that may never eventuate.

“The Eastern Busway to Capalaba was promised by the Premier by 2026 solely with State funds, but that promise has been forgotten.

“Major arterial Roads like Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, Mount Cotton Road, and Finucane Rd-Shore St (including the Shore and Wellington Streets intersection) are desperately in need of attention.

“While it is good that regions like Logan, Ipswich and Caboolture are receiving major hospital upgrades, where is our fair share for a major upgrade of Redland Hospital? 

“If this Labor budget was fair and treated people equally, the three State Labor MPs would be announcing a major upgrade of Redland Hospital, including an Intensive Care Unit, more beds and car parking. 

“I do, however, welcome the Government’s modest response to my calls for further funding for Cleveland High School, Maybanke womens shelter, maternity water birthing suite and minor works, Straddie ETS top-up and an artificial reef, among other projects that are part of my plan for a better Redlands, though much more is needed.

“I will keep fighting for equality, fairness and investment for Cleveland District and Redland City, and I call on the 3 State Labor MPs in our region - Kim Richards, Don Brown and Mick De Brenni - to stand with me and denounce their Government’s plan to extend the big ticket item infrastructure freeze to seven years.

The Redlands deserves its fair allocation of government funding in order to keep pace with community growth and expectations, so it is time for Labor to show Redlands the money.