23 March 2016

Member for Cleveland, Mark Robinson, today re-issued the challenge to the State Labor Government to get serious about major road and transport infrastructure projects in Cleveland and Redland City.

“Now that that Local Government elections are over, it’s time for the State Labor Government to thaw out its major roads infrastructure freeze on Redland City with the hot offer by Mayor-elect Karen Williams to loan the funds to duplicate Cleveland-Redland Bay Road,” Dr Robinson said.

“At the Ballot Box on Saturday, Redland City residents left us all in no doubt that they support the Mayor-elect and want her Council to deliver on roads and transport infrastructure.”

“Mayor-elect Karen Williams and the new Council have a mandate to work with the State Government to fix and upgrade State roads to ease congestion and improve road safety.”

Dr Robinson supported the Mayor’s innovative approach to loan funds to the State Government to duplicate arterial roads like Cleveland-Redland Bay Road and Rickertt Road.

“While-ever Queenslanders are lumbered with this do-nothing State Labor Government, the Mayor’s innovative approach that involves loaning funds to the State appears to be the only way to duplicate major arterial roads in and nearby Redland City, like Cleveland-Redland Bay Road and Rickertt Rd, Ransome,” Dr Robinson said.

“If we wait for Labor Minister Mark Bailey to discover where Cleveland-Redland Bay Road is on his Applemaps it will take forever*.”

“Labor’s belated State Infrastructure Plan has no funding in it for major roads projects in Redland City, and was made redundant within days of its release when the Balance-of-Power KAP MPs rejected it.”

“This partnership in State Roads funding between the new Redland City Council and the State Government is the only option on the table that can work in the short term.”

“Shadow Main Roads Minister, Fiona Simpson expressed her in-principle support for this innovative approach to road funding while-ever the people of Queensland are kept waiting for the Labor State Government to do something.”


Media Contact: Cleveland Electoral Office  3446 9100

*Minister Mark Bailey was asked a Question Without Notice by Matt McEachan MP about Cleveland-Redland Bay Road. The minister’s answer was that he didn’t know the road.