10 March 2016

Toondah Harbour has slowed down again under Labor. 

Many months of progress have been lost since February 2015, and jobs for Redland tradies and businesses put on hold.

 Labor are in no hurry to get this development through, using extensions with the Federal Government as a cover for their lack of commitment to the project. While Mayor Karen Williams and Andrew Laming are doing a good job, State Labor are continuing to hold Cleveland back.

Priority Development Area Declared

10 December 2015

Without the LNP Government’s economic development legislation that created Priority Development Areas, this LNP project would not have happened.

There are many aspects to this development which need careful consideration in planning and implementation such as the GJ Walter Park, public space, good amenities, dog walking area, environmental care in the marine park. The final approvals mean Toondah can go ahead at pace. Congratulations to Mayor Karen Williams and the Councillors who supported this major LNP project.

Master Plan Released

December 2015

It's exciting news for Cleveland with the Walker Group releasing their Master Plan for Toondah Harbour. This long-awaited development will create many employment opportunities for our area. This LNP project provides a new Redlands tourism destination, a gateway to Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay, an enhanced waterfront lifestyle and community, it repects and conserves the local recreational and environmental values and will book the economy and jobs in the region. I am proud of this LNP Project that our PDA legislation produced.

Full details of the plan can be found on the link below.

For Updates from the Walker Group see the link below.

LNP Toondah Project Passes Another Hurdle, After 5 months Labor Wait

19 June 2015

Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson has expressed relief that the Labor Government has finally announced Toondah Harbour would not be scrapped.
Dr Robinson said it had taken almost five long months for the Palaszczuk Government to provide the certainty that local businesses and residents had been crying out for.
“Given that the Labor Government has already shelved $8 billion worth of infrastructure projects, costing Queenslander more than 6000 jobs, locals had been desperate to find out what was happening with Toondah Harbour,” Dr Robinson said.
“The local economy had almost ground to a halt, with small businesses and tradies from all over Redland City putting off investment decisions, until the new Labor Government made its intentions clear.
“This $1.3 billion LNP project will create around 1000 jobs each year during construction and plans have been near completion since December last year.
“Since then, it appears that the project plans have been sitting on the Minister’s desk, gathering dust while the government moves at snail’s pace to work out what it is doing.”
Dr Robinson welcomed the belated news that the project will still go ahead and hoped the project, now well behind its schedule of April public notification of the plan, might be able to get back on track.
“It is still good news considering that for almost 30 years Labor Governments could not agree on a plan with Redland Council and didn’t create the legal instruments to make it happen,” he said.
“Infighting between Labor Ministers also prevented progress.
“Since 1989 Labor sat on its hands, leaving locals to deal with third world facilities and watching ferries get stuck at low tides due to lack of dredging.
“Labor would never have built it with their massive bureaucracies under DERM and DEEDI.
“It took the LNP and former Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney to provide the legislation for a streamlined planning process that brought Toondah Harbour to fruition.
“The constructive working relationship between the LNP Government and Redland City Council, plus the LNP’s EDQ legislation that created PDAs, is what ultimately made Toondah possible.”


Change of Government Project Update

7 April 2015

Toondah Harbour PDA is on track and going well. I fully expect the Government to push ahead with this job creating project as it is consistent to its pro jobs election promise. I am proud to say that the Government has inherited a project that has had all of the heavy lifting and hard decision making done by the former LNP Government and the Redland City Council with widespread community support.

The final approved plan for the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Application (PDA) will be released this April/May. After the approved plan is released it will then have to be signed by off the Federal Government who will consider whether the environmental requirements have been met.  I am confident that the Cleveland community will get the right plan for Toondah that will balance the varied community expectations and opportunities from the development.

Toondah Harbour will create 1,100 jobs every year during the construction phase and many other small business, retail and tourism jobs in the long term. It is a project that invests in our community and helps secure the long term economic transition of the North Stradbroke Island community.

Walker Group to Rejuvenate Toondah Harbour

18th September 2014

Toondah harbour

Toondah harbour

The State Government announced the multi-award winning Walker Group as the preferred partner to transform two Redland City sites into dynamic waterfront precincts.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development Jeff Seeney came to Cleveland to announce the Walker Group as the partner for both Redland City Priority Development Areas at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek.

This project will generate thousands of jobs during construction and stimulate the local economy in line with the Government’s pledge to get Queensland moving again.

The Priority Development Area legislation has helped unlock untapped potential across Queensland and Toondah Harbour is a perfect examples of that potential.

Toondah Harbour is the gateway to North Stradbroke Island for millions of passenger journeys each year.

The Walker Group’s commitment to community values was a key part of the decision to select them as our preferred partner to take this project to the next exciting phase.

The next step of the process is for a detailed design to be developed that matches the final development scheme, which was developed in consultation with the community.

It needs to be understood that as yet there is no detailed design for either site with the final design will reflect the needs of the community as outlined during the original consultation phase.

A key part of this will be the retention of public open space, with the Walker Group keen to not only maintain facilities such as GJ Walter Park but enhance them so they continue to be a valued asset for the community.

The final project will also include increased car parking and transport options including enhanced ferry infrastructure and improved recreational facilities such as boat ramps. 

It is expected there will be significant commercial and residential opportunities and waterfront promenades that connect this new developments with our beautiful bay.

The land tenure agreement will see Council and the State Government retain ownership of the land until it is sold to the final owners, meaning a return to the community.

Overall the Toonadah Harbour development is on track to deliver outcomes that benefit Cleveland as a whole and invest back into the community.



Toondah Harbour Update

19 June 2014

Member for Cleveland welcomed Deputy Premier Hon. Jeff Seeney to the Redlands Chamber of Commerce breakfast this morning. The Deputy Premier took the opportunity, whilst addressing the members of the Redland City business community, to update the community on the progress of the Toondah Harbour PDA.

‘The Deputy Premier’s announcement at the Chamber of Commerce breakfast that the Council’s revised Toondah Harbour scheme will now be put out for Expressions of Interest shows that only the LNP government has a positive plan for the people of Cleveland’ said Dr Robinson.

‘The major changes to the original Toondah Harbour scheme shows that the state government has listened to the genuine concerns of local residents, particularly those who live near the proposed development,’

‘I am pleased that the real concerns of the good citizens of Cleveland have been taken on board by the government. 

‘The revised Toondah Harbour scheme will create jobs and opportunities for locals while protecting the environment and maintaining park-land areas. It will strike the right balance in moving Cleveland forward and protecting the Cleveland we love,’

‘The state government has worked with the local community and the Redland City Council to ensure that any development at Toondah Harbour reflects the aspirations and vision of the local community, and the current plan achieves exactly that,’

‘Despite the mis-information put out by politically motivated groups, the project remains on track,’

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