The Palaszczuk Labor Government has been unable to see the damage they have done to Moreton Island’s tourism reputation when quizzed in Parliament this week.

LNP Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson asked Labor Tourism Minister Kate Jones a question about the government’s botched maintenance of the Tangalooma wrecks but the Minister couldn’t see any impacts on local tourism.

“Minister Jones has proven that she is unfit to be Queensland’s tourism minister – when she can’t see the damage her government has done by chopping the wrecks down to sea level,” Dr Robinson said.

“The Minister was unable to say how tourism operators and businesses along Moreton Bay will suffer and how many local jobs will be on the line as a result of the Labor Government’s reckless decision.

“This is an arrogant government, they did not consult with boaties and fishers before the decision was made to cut down the wrecks and they do not care about the impact it will have on our tourism industry.

Dr Robinson said it was now clear that the Palaszczuk Labor Government was guilty of ‘wrecking the Tangalooma wrecks’ and putting Moreton Bay tourism jobs and tourist operators at risk.

“The incompetence of this Labor Government is once again on display for all the world to see with the wrecking of Tangalooma wrecks,” he said.

Photo of Tangalooma Wrecks

Photo of Tangalooma Wrecks

“They have turned a minor repair job into an international eye-sore.

“The people of Cleveland and Bayside Brisbane did not vote for the Tangalooma wrecks to disappear, and are begging Minister Jones to advocate for tourism in our state.

“Labor need to replace the wrecks with new boats and artificial reefs before the damage to tourism and our international reputation escalates.

Dr Robinson said local boaties were dismayed with the government’s decision, saying ‘that Labor removed the wrecks completely is an utter outrage. I'm speechless with anger over this destruction of a safe harbour, a tourism mecca’ and ‘please investigate, and hopefully recommend new wrecks to mitigate this ridiculous act.’

Moreton Island Community Association President Bill Gollan said “We were never told this was going to happen and I've never heard anything about asbestos - if there was asbestos surely we would have known about it in the last 50 years.”

[ENDS] 18 February 2016

Media Contact: Cleveland Electorate Office 3446 9100

Queensland Parliamentary Hansard extract

Dr Robinson: My question is to the Minister for Tourism. With respect to the once iconic tourist attraction of Tangalooma wrecks that the Labor government cut down to the waterline without community consultation, can the government explain why the government wrecked the wrecks and what they plan to do to salvage the damaged tourism industry in the Moreton region?