How We Can Help

Serving you

As your State MP, Mark and his office are here to support and advocate for anyone living in the Oodgeroo electorate. Whether you require assistance with the health system, your child’s school or your small business, Mark is here to assist you in any way he can. This may include attending events, organising special messages for birthdays and anniversaries, liaising on your behalf with various State Government departments, or meeting with you to discuss an issue that’s important to you. Where needed, Mark can raise your issue with the relevant Minister or the Shadow Cabinet. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office.

Meeting you

Need help applying for a grant or making your voice heard on a local issue? Contact the office for assistance.


Mark is always happy to arrange special messages from his office and various dignitaries for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

Attending events

Whether it's a school awards night, community meeting or cultural celebration, as your State representative Mark is there to attend and assist in any way he can.

Local Issues

Here's what Mark's been working on.

Redland Hospital

There's nothing more important than the health and well-being of our community. That's why Mark is fighting for an ICU for Redland Hospital, additional palliative care beds and further resources for staff and patients.


Everyone needs to get from place to place. It's vital that the Redlands has safe and efficient roads and a thriving public transport system. Mark advocates in and out of Parliament for the Cleveland line rail duplication, the Eastern busway and improved roads.


Small business is the backbone of our community and steady employment keeps families strong. Mark is continually working on promoting jobs and business growth for locals, reducing the burden of red tape and creating opportunities for the future.

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Queenslanders deserve a state government that has a common-sense, practical plan to:
Create & protect jobs
Bust traffic congestion
Provide better health & education services
Protect our environment
Reduce cost of living and doing business